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Installation and Configuration

Proper installation and configuration of network components such as routers, hubs, switches, and wiring is critical for getting the best performance from the hardware and software you purchased. Our strategic partnerships with technology providers gives us access to industry best practices, allowing us to tune your network components for optimal performance.  


Routers are a key element of effective network design. In common terms, routers are devices that route data traffic over different segments of the network to avoid “traffic jams,” and ensure the network can efficiently transfer data when users need it most.

J Systems installs major router brands, such as Cisco Systems, Netgear, LinkSys, D-Link, and more. We offer a wide range of products from these vendors to cover all of your data transfer needs.


Installing and configuring components making up the physical network, such as hubs, switches, and wiring, can be slow, and cause many problems if not done correctly.


Through a broad network on onsite cabling services, we will work with your staff, your schedule, and your budget to ensure the job is completed to industry standards. Our capabilities include:

Solution Deployment

J Systems can help reduce the time spent on standard installations and setup. We can assist in the deployment of a wide array of technologies and equipment:

Count on J Systems to configure existing equipment or install new equipment, using industry best practices and techniques.

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